How to buy/activate the AUDIO DOLBY AC3-AC3E-DD+ ? (only for instruments with ROVER RECENT enabled HW)

To receive the audio of television programs or TV SATELLITE transmitted with audio DOLBY AC3-AC3E-DD+, you must purchase the SW application (APP) “HD AUDIO DOLBY+”.

To purchase the “HD AUDIO DOLBY” APP”, please contact your ROVER dealer directly, or ROVER head office in Italy: that will advise for the ROVER dealer near you.

To load the ‘”APP” in your tool, see the following “F.A.Q.”“How do i load a SW APP in my measurement equipment ?”

Without this “APP”, selecting a television program broadcast in DOLBY AC3-AC3E-DD+, (eg Figure 1) will be able to properly display images (SD or HD), but you can not hear you.

Figure 1: Example television channel entremets with AC3 AUDIO

Note: The MENU (written and graphic) of the figures shown in the following “F.A.Q.”, may vary from model to model and without notice.