Instruments and professional equipment for monitoring, analysis and distribution of Radio, TV, SAT and CATV signals


A new complete range of instruments for the analysis of SAT, TV, CATV, Optic, Wi-Fi & IPTV signals
A full range of professional SAT & TV receivers and monitoring probes for worldwide signals
A full range of optical transmitters, receivers, EDFA amplifiers for the SAT, TV & CATV signals distribution
A full range of RF over Fiber Links and Active SAT Splitters for SATCOM apllications. Suggested also for NEW UTRA WIDE BAND LNBS (230-2350 MHz)
ROVER EXAMINER Probe: Professional Radio TV, SAT & CATV Probe with IP Encap/Decap, ASI output, T.S. Analysis, HDSD SDI Output, Remote control with NMS & SNMP

The new EXAMINER is the most compact & complete analyzer for all […]

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Situated in one of the most beautiful tourist locations in Italy, on Garda Lake, ROVER can be easily reached from Milan, Bergamo, Verona and Venice. The company operates with two business divisions, which implement the same basic technology, but develop products for different applications: measuring instruments for antenna installers and equipment for the distribution and monitoring of broadcasting networks.