SAT DVB-S/S2/S2X Professional Receiver for FM RADIO applications


ROVER BROADCAST - RSR-100 fro 12-2020
  • Balanced Stereo Audio with XLR connectors
  • AES/EBU – SPDIF audio interface
  • Transport Stream over IP input decapsulation
  • LAN Interface for management and software upgrade
  • WEB and SNMP Trap interface
  • Redundant power supply 230/110 V or 48 V
  • Hot-Plug interchangeable cooling fan
  • Relay for pysical alarms (opt.)
  • There are several versions for the RSR-100, the SAT version allows the reception of DVB-S/S2 Multistream / S2X signals.
  • It is provided with ASI & T.S. over IP for the reception of a select ed Transp ort Stream.
  • It assembles an RS-100 RX SAT module, which is an advanced broadcast satellite receiver board, it has been design to be also easily integrated by TV DVB-T2 transmitters manufacturers.
  • The receiver has three LAN ports, one on the front and one on the rear, to control/manage the unit and a third one to decapsulate a T.S. over IP.
  • On the rear there are three XLR connectors available for the 2 balanced audio outputs and for the AES / EBU output. On the DB9 connector there is the output of all data relevant to RDS.
  • The receiver supplies a set of alarms on input and output signals with settable thresholds.
  • All alarms trigger different type of signaling: by means of LEDs, enabling phisical contacts (opt.) and sending TRAPS in SNMP.

ROVER Broadcast & Cable RSR-100 Front panel EN V4

ROVER Broadcast & Cable RSR-100 Rear panel EN V4

ROVER Broadcast & Cable RSR-100 Parameters & Specifications EN V4

ROVER Broadcast & Cable RSR-100 User interface EN V4

ROVER Broadcast & Cable RSR-100 Ordering code EN V4