Do you think to have a faulty ROVER instrument ?

WARNING: Due to the upcoming Christmas holidays, we cannot guarantee that Repairs received after the 5th of December will be completed before the company closure.
Not repaired instruments will remain in our lab until the re-opening date, the 7th of January.

Please contact your ROVER distributor to check if the instrument is really faulty.

The ROVER distributor can supply you any information for the use of the ROVER instrument, check if the instrument is really faulty, check if the problem can be solved locally or fill in the RMA request for the return of the instrument and, if possible, loan you a courtesy instrument to enable you to go ahead with your work.

  • Click here if you do not remember the name of your distributor or have any problems contacting him, you may forward your request directlly to ROVER, we will guide you in the best way possible.

ROVER Fault identification form 04-15