How to buy the HW and SW options/APPs for my instruments ?

If you want to know the price to buy an option HW+SW or APP (SW only), please contact your dealer or the dealer ROVER ROVER Agent in your region that will advise the Dealer ROVER near you, or send the request directly to the staff of Wecare ROVER Instruments.


  • Options APP (SW only), they can be installed directly into the instrument by the user;
  • For options HW+SW purchased subsequently you must send your device to a official service ROVER Instruments, or directly to the headquarters ROVER Instruments Italy;
  • Cost option HW+SW purchased later if you need to add:

Transport cost ROVER INSURED return;

Cost intervention Euro 100,00 including:

1) Installation option HW (meter opening, mounting board);

2) SW update (if available);

3) Upgrading memory plans (if available);

4) Re-calibration TV and SAT;

5) First complete test;

6) Closing meter;

7) Final quality testing;

8) Update data in the ROVER system for full traceability of the installed options connected at No. Instrument Serial Number.

  • Click here if you wish to staff of Wecare ROVER Instruments directly, please fill the “Request Information” form specifying in detail your request in the “Message” field.