About Us

Since 1972 we operate in the radio and television world, investing time and resources on technological developments and training of our staff

Situated in one of the most beautiful tourist locations in Italy, on Garda Lake, ROVER can be easily reached from Milan, Bergamo, Verona and Venice. The company operates with two business divisions, which implement the same basic technology, but develop products for different applications: measuring instruments for antenna installers and equipment for the distribution and monitoring of broadcasting networks. ROVER has always paid special attention to the quality of its products, investing in advanced technology and making sure that it is always “a step ahead”.

The structure is equipped to carry out EEC (CE) tests, both for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and safety compliance. ROVER also organizes technical seminars and roadshows both at its customer’s premises and at its headquarters in Italy.


The ROVER strategy is very clear and simple and is based on the experience and know-how gained in more than 30 years of business activity. It can be summarized by the following 3 simple points:

  • Continuous technological up-grades (Advanced Technology)
  • Flexibility, to provide a fast response to market demands (Time to Market)
  • Total quality (Customer Satisfaction)

In a rapidly evolving world, more and more orientated towards globalization and competition, ROVER works hard to co-operate with all its customers, to guarantee a harmonious growth of their networks and to always be.

“a step ahead”

As confirmation of our philosophy ROVER is certified:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 45001:2018
  • REX register n ° ITREXIT00557810983
  • AEO certification n ° IT AEOF 21 1786
Environmental compliance

ROVER is situated in one of the most enchanted areas of Italy and has always considered the environment as a precious gift to be respected.

ROVER is a certified EN ISO 14001 company for the Environment and works towards providing their customers with high quality products and services and carries out its activity fully respecting nature and the welfare of others.

To reduce its impact on the environment, ROVER implements various precautions, including the removal of solder lead and the use of effective, but minimal packaging for the transport of its products. The company also adopts the policy that all its staff, suppliers and customers are fully aware and work towards saving energy and respecting the environment. For example, the design laboratories have obtained notable results in minimizing the current required to power Rover equipment and meters and have obtained longer battery autonomies. Government and citizens are more aware of the growing problem of effective waste disposal.

The European Union has issued a directive called RAEE (Waste disposal of Electrical and Electronic Equipment) that guarantees the correct collection, treatment and recovery of all used electrical and electronic devices in Europe.

Each country in the European Union has also passed National laws to follow this directive and to ensure that all indications are in force from 2006. These laws also apply to ROVER products.


May we take this opportunity to remind you that the symbol shown to your right can be found on all ROVER equipment and in the various user manuals and packaging.

This symbol means that ROVER products must not be thrown away, but taken to specific waste disposal centres that are able to recover electrical and electronic parts. If a customer purchases a new meter, he can also return his previous piece of equipment to the ROVER vendor who will dispose of it for him.