HD TAB 7 STC: Encoder does not work or goes intermittently

If the instrument presents problems of navigation (turning the encoder does not vary the parameters), it may be some of the connecting wires, are disconnected


  • Do not move or disconnect/insert  the FLAT CABLE DISPLAY in its connector while the instrument is POWER ON.

A ) Turn off the instrument;
B ) Unscrew the RF input connector, female F / F female (Figure 1);
C ) Remove the instrument from the bag;
D ) Remove the 10 screws with a correctly screwdriver (Figure 2);

 ROVER_Svitare_connettore_FF  ROVER_Apertura-chiusura_strumento_10-2014
Figure 1: Unscrew the RF input connector Figure 2: Opening of the equipment

E ) Remove the BATTERY connector from the motherboard (no tools, just your fingers) to prevent short circuits (Figure 3);
F ) Use pliers to straighten 4 blocks cover safety of the TV tuner (Figure 4);

Figure 3: Removing the battery connector Figure 4: Release safety blocks cover TV tuner

G ) Use a screwdriver to lift the cover of TV tuner (Figure 5);
H )
 If the encoder is unscrewed and moves lock it with the thicknesses of plastic glued on the two sides shown in yellow between the metallic screen and the encoder (Figure 6);
I ) Restore the welds of the 5 wires terminal of the encoder with the motherboard (even those not yet disconnected) (Figure 6);

Figure 5: Lifting the cover of TV tuner Figure 6: Detail wires connecting encoders and yellow where to insert
a hard plastic thickness well glued to mechanically lock the encoder

L ) Close the cover of TV tuner;
M ) Use pliers to fold the 4 blocks cover safety of the TV tuner;
N ) Reconnect the BATTERY connector (only with your fingers without tools) (Figure 7) and try the instrument, before closing;
O ) If everything is OK, turn off the instrument and tighten the 10 screws of the cover to close the instrument (Figure 8);

ROVER_Connettore_BATTERIA_IN_10-2014 ROVER_Apertura-chiusura_strumento_10-2014
Figure 7: Inserting the battery connector Figure 8: Close the instrument

P ) Insert the meter in the bag;
Q ) Screw the RF input connector, female F / F female (Figura 9);

Figure 9: Screw the RF input connector

R ) Turn on the instrument and verify proper operation.


  • If after checking tool should present still malfunctions, fill (or ask to fill out to your dealer) the form to request an “RMA (Return Material Authorization)” and the people of ROVER Wecare will take care of you;
  • Click here if you want to go to the “Do you have to repair a ROVER instruments (RMA) ?” section;
  • The figures shown in this “F.A.Q.” may vary from model to model without notice.