Link RF Ottico con moduli Hot-Swap


EXTENDED BAND = 45 – 3.000 MHz

Ideally suited for HTS or Ka-Band Application
Perfect Integration into any System due to LAN @ Front & Rear plus 2 SFP Slots for Ethernet over Fiber
1+1, 2+1, 3+1 or 4+1 Hot-Swapp Redundant plug-in Module

  • Top quality RF-over-Fiber link (45-3.000 MHz)
  • Outdoor and Indoor Chassis providing Built-in Redundant Configuration 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 or 4+1
  • Front and Rear Ethernet plus 2 SFP Slots for Ethernet over Fiber allows perfect integration in any customer system
  • All Optical RX & Optical TX modules are HOT-SWAPPABLE including Power Supply and Network Controller
  • The ROF system can be Configurated, Controlled and Monitored via the front panel Display Controller or via WEB GUI or SNMP
  • All 3 Chassis are specially designed to allow mixed configurations and support all the main Optical & RF Connectors
  • Internal LNB Powering with minimum current alarms, can powering up-to 20 LNBs, 500 mA each


  • TX & RX 5 years warranty
  • All HOT-SWAPP Module
  • HOT-SWAPP 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 Redundant Switch
  • All OPTICAL Connections in the Front
  • All RF Connections in the Rear
  • Front accessable -20 dB RF Monitor Ports
  • External or Internal LNB Powering with Current Monitoring
  • OMI measurement
  • Superior RF, OMI Linearity and Low Noise
  • Suited for HTS or Ka-Band Applications


  • 45-3.000 MHz Frequency Range
  • DFB Laser, 1.310 n m or 1.550 n m opt.
  • Monitoring with Local Display Controller , SNMP & WEB-GUI
  • LED Alarms available in all front panel Modules
  • RF & OPTICAL Power Sensor Monitor & Alarms
  • 50 & 75 Ohm available with F, SMA, BNC, N, RF-Connectors
  • SC-APC, FC-APC, LC-APC, E200 available Optic Connectors
  • Fully Compatible with existing Systems
  • Ideal for HTS (High Throughtput Satellite) & Ka-Band Ready
  • Serve all Up-Link dedicated Requirements


ROVER ROF-X-X v1,1 xs-02a

ROVER ROF-X-X v1,1 xs-03a ROVER ROF-X-X v1,1 xs-04a ROVER ROF-X-X v1,1 xs-05a ROVER ROF-X-X v1,1 xs-06a

ROVER ROF-X-X v1,1 xs-08a ROVER ROF-X-X v1,1 xs-10a ROVER ROF-X-X v1,1 xs-11a ROVER ROF-X-X v1,1 xs-12_13a

ROVER ROF-X-X v1,1 xs-06a ROVER ROF-X-X v1,1 xs-15a

ROVER ROF-X-X v1,1 xs-16a

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