Link RF Ottico con moduli Hot-Swap


EXTENDED BAND = 700 – 2450 MHz or 50 – 3000 MHz

The ROF16 Series is a very compact and advanced solution to serve up to N. 16 optical links in a 1U 19” Rack


Hot-swap Splitting and switching modules are used to grant full redundancy on both sides of the link for a safe and cost effective solution. CWDM modules are also available to reduce the number of fibers being used.

The ROF16 great performance, is ideal for short and long distance optical links (up to 10 Km), and with Its ultra-wide band RF Optical transmitter input 50 – 3000 MHz or 700 – 2450 MHz makes this the best solution available to manage your optical network.


  • Up to 16 optic Link
  • All Hot-swap Modules
  • REDUNDANT 1+1 modules available
  • CWDM TX modules with MUX/DEMUX available
  • All Optical Connections on the front
  • ALL RF Connections on the rear
  • LNB Powering on board for each TX Link
  • 5 year warranty for optical TX & RX


  • Multiple Modules with 4 TX or RX each
  • Frequency range: 50 – 3000 MHz or 700 – 2450 MHz
  • DFB Laser, 1310 or 1550 nm with end of life alarm.
  • RF & Optical Sensor Monitor & Alarm Threshold
  • Monitoring with Local display controller and double Ethernet (RJ-45) SNMP & WEB-GUI
  • 50 & 75 Ohm available with F, SMA, BNC connectors • SC,FC,LC/APC, E2000 Optic Connectors available


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