ROVER HD TAB 7 STC editorial

SAT, TV, CATV ANALYZER – HD TAB 7 STC: 7” display, 4 cm thick

This meter belongs to the TAB platform developed by Rover: it is thin, has a 7”, touchscreen display, encoder knob and 8 mechanical, function keys

This Rover platform is called TAB and it represents the latest generation of advanced measuring instruments from ROVER. Last year Rover launched their first model, the HD PROTAB STCOI, which has a 10.2” display and was designed for professionals in the broadcasting sector. HD TAB 7 STC is the new product in 2013, a professional analyzer, with a 7” touchscreen display. It is extraordinary for a number of reasons, including the fact that it is only 4 cm’s thick. Equipped with dual controls – it has both touchscreen and encoder/mechanical keys – this instrument has very fast navigation and visualizes, in real time, the spectrum (with Max Hold function), echoes, micro-echoes, pre-echoes and postechoes.