ROVER HD TAB 7 STC advertorial

New HD TAB Analyzer for SAT, TV & CATV Signals: DVB-S-S2, DVB-T-T2-H, DVB-C, Analog TV & Radio.

ROVER’s new HD TAB 7 is a COMBINED PROFESSIONAL HD TABLET ANALYZER, 4-2.250 MHz for SAT QPSK/8PSK, TV COFDM (T2 M-PLP opt.) and CATV QAM (C2 opt.), with MPEG-2/4 decoder, Analog TV & Radio; it has a TABLET format and is extremely small and light (only 4 cm thick and weighing 1.6 kg). Real-Time Spectrum and lithium-polymer batteries guarantee immediate pointing and high autonomy (4 hours of operation). In addition to the classical mechanical controls, keys and encoder, the HD TAB 7 offers the possibility of complete meter management on the large, 7”, 16:9, high resolution TOUCHSCREEN DISPLAY. Software for LTE Interference autotest analysis (this provides the installer with advice on how many dB’s are needed to attenuate LTE interference), MER for CARRIERS analysis, ECHOES, MICROECHOES and PRE-ECHOES measurements in real time (now with the new extended range from -294.00 to +294.00 microS, or from -88.20 to +88.20 Km) and CONSTELLATION in real time, allow the HD TAB 7 to perform SFN measurements and analyze reception problems in any situation. The installer can visualize HD pictures and measure HD signals, in either SAT or TV mode, identify the transmission cell (CID numeric and hexadecimal), analyze the full DTT program list, complete with LCN codes, LOGGER functions and free PC interfacing, This allows him to quickly identify information about the signal under test and provide LOGGER certification to his customers.