What is and how do i carry out the BATTERY TEST to regenerate the batteries ?

The BATTERY TEST is a procedure that allows you to regenerate/measure the batteries and calibrate the battery indicator.

Even though the batteries assembled in ROVER meters are excellent quality and do not have the memory effect, it is however necessary to carry out maintenance, because if they are charged incorrectly they reduce their capacity within a few months.  Also, due to wear and tear, the charge indicator could provide different results.  For example if the meter is not charged in the evening, the following morning the indicator may show battery charged when in fact it is often completed discharged.

For this reason ROVER has designed sophisticated SW, for all ROVER meters, that allows you to regenerate/measure exactly how many minutes of battery autonomy are left in your meter.

By carrying out this new battery test function on your meter, you can regenerate and measure your batteries and calibrate the charge indicator, we suggest you do this if you check for battery anomalies.

May we remind you that, if you keep replacing the batteries and charge your batteries incorrectly, after a few months you will find yourself back in the same situation.  The battery is still efficient and may only need to be regenerated and the battery indicator to be recalibrated.

Note: For more information, consult the instruction manual of your instrument.