WARRANTY conditions

ROVER Instruments is a certified Company ISO 9.001-14.001-18.001.

ROVER Instruments is a DVB Member No. 50490, and actively co-operates with this organization.

ROVER Laboratories S.p.A. has a standard guarante period of 12 months.
This is extended to 24 months for countries within the European Community, and in any case, in accordance with the laws and/or possible regulations applied in your country.


1. IMPORTANT: the guarantee is valid only upon the presentation of invoice or receipt to ROVER Laboratories S.p.A. The purchase date must be clearly indicated on the invoice/receipt.

2. The guarantee covers the replacement free of charge of parts only, when malfunctioning is solely due to manufacturing faults. The faults must be indentified and defined by Rover personnel only.

3. The guarantee is void if:

a. the equipment is tampered with or repaired by non-authorized personnel;
b. damage is found, caused by the incorrect use of the equipment, without following the advice explained in the User’s Guide accompanying the equipment;
c. damage is found caused by the use of the equipment in unsuitable working environments.

4. The following parts are not covered by the guarantee:

a. Parts subject to wear, such as aesthetic ones, keyboard, plastic chassis, etc;
b. Batteries, 6 months from the date of purchase, if original;
c. Bags and carrying cases, including shoulder straps, PSU and accessories.

5. The equipment can not be replaced and the guarantee can not be extended after the repair of a fault.


6. The equipment can only be repaired by the manufacturer or by an authorized ROVER Laboratories service center:

a. Before returning the meter for repair, always contact the distributor where you purchased the unit or an authorized service center if present in your area to obtain the return procedure for your analyzer. If no authorised ROVER service centers are available in your area, please contact Rover Laboratories S.p.A. directly at the following telephone/fax numbers and/or e-mail address:

  • Telephone: +39.030.9198.299
  • Fax: +39.030.990.6894
  • E-mail: wecare@roverinstruments.com

b. Important: please take note that non-authorised returns for repair to ROVER Laboratories S.p.A. will be rejected.
c. When returning the meter, always send it with the following documentation attached:

  • the fully-compiled FAULT IDENTIFICATION FORM
  • transport document
  • the eventual request for an estimate of repair costs

d. Please note that the request for an estimate of repair costs must be submitted upon return of the analyzer with a written note. If the repair cost estimate is not accepted, ROVER Laboratories reserves the right to charge the customer for the estimate costs analysis.

7. Risks and costs for transport to ROVER Laboratories S.p.A. must be sustained by the buyer. After repair, if the equipment is under guarantee, ROVER Laboratories S.p.A. will pay for the transport returning the goods to the customer. If the instrument is not under guarantee, after repair, the equipment will be returned by courier service with the amount to be paid by the customer shown on the invoice.

8. The guarantee does not cover compensation for direct or indirect damages of any kind to people or goods caused by the use of the equipment and/or compensation caused by the suspension of use due to eventual repairs.

9. ROVER Laboratories. S.p.A. is not responsible for eventual tampering and/or modifications that may cause the goods to no longer adhere to the European “CE” regulations, especially regarding EMC and safety.

10. ROVER is a DVB Member.