Understanding digital TV

Dear Users,

this document does not intend to explain how Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) works (there is another Rover technical publication that clearly explains this called “An Introduction to DTT”), instead we hope to provide practical, basic information about the transmission, propagation and reception issues of digital television signals.Above all we will look at how to improve reception in difficult locations and situations, especially in the case of complex SFN networks, or in the presence of urban sources of electromagnetic noise. May we remind you that in 99% of the cases, reception improves by working on the antenna ; unfortunately no magic set top box or TV set currently exists. We apologize in advance for any inaccuracies and invite you to notify us if you find any.We hope you enjoy this and remind you that there is always business for competent and well equipped professional antenna installers.

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Note: The MENU (written and graphic) of the figures shown in the following “F.A.Q.” may vary from model to model or depending on SW upgrade.