TABLE for available new SOFTWARE versions (only for models currently in production)

Please find here below the list of the sw versions available on the SW UPDATE area for the instruments in production.

NOTE: Also within the SW Update area, the Other models section is also available, within which you can find the latest SW versions released for models no longer in production. If your tool still doesn’t show up, it means it’s OUT OF SUPPORT and no updates are available anymore. If you would like to find out about any ongoing promotions or receive a quote to purchase a new instrument, please contact your trusted ROVER dealer.

Instruments model: DVB SW version:
 HD TAB 4 Sat
 HD TAB 4 Easy & Touch 2.45
 TAB 5 series 3.03
 HD TAB 700 & 700 Plus 3.06
 TAB 7 ULTRA serie 3.04
 HD TAB 900 Plus 3.03
 HD TAB 9 & 9 Plus 3.53
 HD PROTAB New 3.05
 MASTER SAT Evo 1.40
 OMNIA 7000 3.28