LNB remote power supply should not be (DC at RF IN) – Damaged PTC

If your instrument does not provide any more remote power supply to the LNB or multiswitch, check the following points.

a) Check if the switch “DC@RF IN”, available in most models, is set to ON: see examples figures 1 and 2.

  • NOTE: Must be set to OFF when used in CATV networks live;
Figure 1: DC@RF IN switch example Figure 2: DC@RF IN switch example

b) Ensure that the YELLOW LED “DC@RF IN” on the front panel of the instrument lights on;
c) If the LED lights up, but after a few seconds that you have connected the LNB/Multiswitch especially if using LNB SCR or dCSS with a high consumption (150/200 mA), the instrument does NOT provide any more voltage (the spectrum of the received signals decreases sharply or measures are interrupted), check:

  • If there is an overload or a short circuit in the installation;
  • While, if the instrument is more than 2 or 3 years old, due to many and long short circuits at RF input (DC@RF IN), may be deteriorated the protection (PTC).

In this case, the instrument must be sent to ROVER for repair (NOT covered by warranty).

Figure 3: PTC example (60 Volt, 650 mA, 0,31 Ohm)

IMPORTANT: For safety reasons, the power supply voltage, SWITCH OFF automatically when changing function, for example by pressing the HOME key or when power is turned OFF.