Correct power OFF/ON procedure for ROVER instruments to avoid occasional Memory Plans and navigation cancellation

The power ON button has four timed functions:

1st) One shot = turn-ON
2nd) One shot (when on) = always goes the to HOME MENU
3rd) If kept pressed for 2 seconds = turn-OFF
4th) Kept pressed for about 10 seconds = HW reset, Forced turn-off, (interrupts the ongoing data saving in memory).


Press once the power ON button and wait until the start-up is completed, about 20 seconds (do not press it again during the start-up phase).


Press and hold the power ON button, the instrument will emit a first beep immediately and a second BEEP after about 2 seconds, then release immediately the power ON button (even if the display is still active and shows the batteries instructions).


  • Do not keep pressed the power ON button after the second BEEP, to avoid starting the HW reset function (forced turn-off see poit 4). Basically, every time you turn off the instrument, it needs about ten seconds to save the data in memory before turn-off;
  • If accidentaly you interrupt this storing process, activating the HW Reset function the data in memory could be corrupted. In any case you can restore the memory plans yourself with a PC by following the instructions in the “F.A.Q.” under the heading “Simple SW self repair”.