RF over IP converter


The Rover ROI-2 RF over IP converter brings possibility and flexibility of digitizing the RF signal and transmitting it to everywhere in the world. Backup on demand is a game changer for long haul RF transmission.

Long Distance:

Traditional RF over fiber technique can only make signals be transmitted over short distances (50~100km) before the signal decays. With RF over IP technique, RF signals can be transmitted to any place in the world without distance limitation.

Cloud-Based RF Environment Possible:

In the past decade Satellite communication has been gradually shifted from traditional analog-based interfaces or data formats to digital. Digitized RF signal converted by ROI-2 can be transported over any IP network and can be stored in cloud-based environments to save cost and increase efficiency.

Rain Fade Diversity:

As high throughput satellite (HTS) are becoming the main GEO satellites nowadays, site diversity for hub stations is critical to providing reliable services to end users. HTS uses high frequencies, such as, Ka-band, Q-band, V-band, to enlarge the throughput capacity. Consequently, huge rain fade may be experienced in HTS earth stations. ROI-2 provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for rain diversity application.

RF Interface Diversity:

Along with the development of 5G networks and other higher frequency applications, local interferences may be encountered more often than ever before. ROI-2 provides a key solution for RF interference diversity and brings the most reliable services to the RF world.

Optical Fiber Backup:

Compared to other physical links, optical fiber is more stable. However, if the optical fiber is cut or there are malfunctions, the troubleshooting is difficult and takes a long time to recover.
Now with ROI-2 converters, it’s possible to transmit data through another route to the destination keeping the link operational.