Professional DWDM optical laser transmitter for HFC & FTTH large CATV & SAT 47-2.800 MHz distributions

ROVER RLT-D10 tot14 test
  • Rover “RLT” Ultra Wide Band 47-2.800 MHz Optical Laser Transmitter series, is equipped with high performance, isolated and thermally-stabilized, DFB Single Mode Butterfly Laser with extreme superior linearity, designed for analog/digital CATV and SAT signals with many channels loading.
  • The “RLT” series operates at 1550 nm wavelength, the unit is designed according to DWDM ITU-grid (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplex) at ± 100 GHz step.
    The unit employs superior CSO & CHIRP precorrection, reducing laser and fiber dispersion effects.
  • With front panel Display and Keys we can locally monitor Laser Power, RF CATV & SAT Level, RMS-OMI value, read & set IP & MAC Address and check all the alarm status.
  • Laser Transmitters RLT incorporate a LAN for SNMP & WEB remote control system for alarm status, settings and Data Logger monitoring of all laser operating parameters such as: Dc laser bias current, laser output power, OMI, AGC status, RF Level, Fan, etc…
  • With the USB A & B we can easily up-grade the SW with a PC or with a memory stick.
  • Equipped with Single Mode Superior Linearity cooled Butterfly Laser for excellent RIN
  • High Power & High performance Isolated Laser
  • High stability thermoelectric Laser cooler (TEC)
  • DWDM ± 100 GHz spacing, ITU Grid wave lenght CHs
  • SC/AP Laser Output connector with shutter
  • Built-in 2, 4 or 8 way Optical Splitter (opt.)
  • Automatic CHs Load control for stable OMI
  • CATV and SAT input Level Signal Test Point on front Panel
  • Test Point for OMI measurement on front Panel: 80 dBμV = 5% OMI per CH.
  • All settings adjustable via LAN port: Slope, gain, Fiber length, OMI, SBS, CSO, CHIRP, Precorrection, etc.
  • Full Alarms & Data Logger System on board
  • Full Remote Control through SNMP and WEB
  • Leds alarms and LCD Display on front Panel
  • Easy SW up-grade with USB A & B Port

ROVER RLT-D10 v1_4-4

ROVER RLT-D10 v1_4-5

ROVER RLT-D10 v1_4-6

ROVER RLT-D10 v1_4-8