Modular up to 16–way active
satellite splitter 950–2150 MHz

ROVER AS 948 tot6 test

The “AS–944” is a professional modular active splitter operating in the SAT L–band, designed specifically to distribute both digital and analog signals, with the
maximum quality and safety.

It can equip up to four splitters, each one with 1 input and 4 outputs, with an average gain in centre band of around 0 dB.

The “AS–944” can power different types of LNB. Special attention was taken in the design stages, from both an electrical and mechanical point of view and in the choice of components to guarantee the maximum reliability in time.

All the test procedures have been methodically and technically planned to obtain the maximum repeatability and reliability; the equipment undergoes mechanical vibrations and accelerated ageing in special climatic rooms.

  • Up to 4 modules of 4-way active splitters
  • Easy to install and use
  • “F” 75 Ω connector
  • Very compact, n.1 19” rack unit
  • Designed for CATV head–ends and broadcasting applications
  • Completely compatible with analog & digital signals
  • Double power supply (redundancy)
  • Power supply failure
  • LNB voltage short circuit alarm
  • Excellent intermodulation and flatness
  • Excellent isolation and matching

ROVER AS-944 Technical specifications

ROVER AS-944 Main applications