Compact CWDM, ultra wide band laser optical transmitter for CATV & SAT 47–2.400 MHz distributions

ROVER RLT C7-WB-SAT tot4 test

The ultra wide band, 47-2.400 MHz, optical laser Transmitter Rover “RLT” series, equipped with a coaxial DFB single mode laser, is designed for full channel loading, up to N. 77 analog NTSC/PAL TV chs, N. 75 QAM chs and N. 30 SAT Transponders combined with SAT Rover Transponder Processor mod. RSP-30.

  • Equipped with coax DFB Single Mode laser for good RIN
  • CATV input 47-870 MHz (or opt. 5-1.202) for analog TV and digital QAM & DTT signals
  • CATV RF level Test Point connector
  • SAT input 950-2.400 MHz for digital SAT transponders
  • SAT RF level Test Point connector
  • CATV push-pull Laser driver amplifier
  • Laser output power +7 dBm/5 mW
  • CATV level adjustement for best RMS OMI, with Monitoring Led
  • SC/APC laser output connector with shutter
  • Laser output connector on front panel
  • Redundancy PSU adapter (opt.)
  • 2 slot 19” Rack Assembly panel (opt.)

ROVER RLT-C7 v5_5-4

ROVER RLT-C7 v5_5-5

ROVER RLT-C7 v5_5-6

ROVER RLT-C7 v5_5-8