How to FORMAT HARD DISK of my instrument (models with a SINGLE GRAPHIC DISPLAY) ?

ROVER meters, using the latest technology where the hardware is looking more and more like a computer. For this reason, in the event of loss of TV & SAT memory plans, should be performed “FORMAT HARD DISK” to clean the memories, before reloading the TV & SAT memory plans.

Below we listed the procedures for “FORMAT HARD DISK” valid ONLY for some models with SINGLE GRAPHIC DISPLAY:

Prerequisites: Before carrying out the procedure “FORMAT HARD DISK”, make sure you have accomplished all the following points:
1) Being already registered in the ROVER web site area “SW UPDATE “ area;

2) If you are already registered, run directly the “Login” typing your “Username” and “Password”;
3) Download in the desktop of your PC, the interface program ROVER S.M.A.R.T.;
4) Install the ROVER S.M.A.R.T. interface program in your PC (only the first time);

N.B.: If the ROVER S.M.A.R.T. interface program is already installed in your PC, check that it is the LATEST version and always delete the old one;

5) Select the exact model of your instrument and click on the “GO” button;

  • Download on the desktop of your PC the “ROVER xxx DVB meter SW” file;
  • Download on the desktop of your PC the “ROVER xxx TV and SAT memory plans” file.


FORMAT HARD DISK – Only for this models:


Warning: The following porcedure erases the memory of the instrument. At the end, you will have to reload the instruments Software and TV and SAT memory plans.
1) Press AT THE SAME TIME the 3 buttons, PLAN, MEAS and ARROW DOWN (Figure 1) and at the same time, switch-on the Instrument;
Figure 1: PLAN, MEAS and ARROW DOWN Keys
2) Wait until the screen of the instrument show a new message: WARNING !!! ALL THE MEMORY WILL BE DELETED IF YOU PRESS THE MEMORY KEY;
3) Release the three buttons (PLAN, MEAS and ARROW DOWN) and IMMEDIATELY after press the MEMORY button (Figure 2);
Figure 2: Memory key
4) Wait for the end of process;
5) Load the SW (previously saved on the desktop of your PC);
6) Switch-off the instrument;
7) Switch-on the instrument, then load the TV and SAT memory plans (previously saved on the desktop of your PC);
8) When finished, switch-off the instrument and switch-on again after 10 seconds to verify proper operation.