Update SW area and newsletter registration

1. How do I register to upgrade the SW in my Meter ?

If you have not already registered on the ROVER website, click on the MENU bar above and on the right, click on the words Update SW.

  • Select the word "Register now ( first access )" at the top of the drop-down menu to reach the Update SW Area;

  • You will access an electronic form. Fill in your personal data and a Username of your choice;

  • Once you have completely filled in the form, confirm by clicking on  "Send"   at the bottom of the page;

  • When you have sent and confirmed your registration, all your registration data will be shown on a page.  You can change your data by clicking on the BLUE key "Change Data", you can print it by clicking on the BLACK key "Print Data", or directly access the Update SW Area by clicking on the RED key "Go to the SW Update Area";

  • You will also receive an e-mail confirmation and reminder of your Username and the Password assigned by Rover. Carefully make note of your personal "Login Data" ( Username  and Password ) because you will need these each time you want to access the "Update SW Area". If you lose your password, assigned by ROVER, you can recover it using the "Forgot Password ? Click here" function available in the Update SW Area.

Update SW Area and Newsletter Service ( see  at the bottom of the page )

Electronic registration form.

Fill in all the areas with your personal information and a Username of your choice.

Once you have completed the form, confirm by pressing the black "Send" key at the bottom of the page.

Registration data for SW Update and Newsletter service





Preferred language:


Mobile phone:

My e-mail address*:

Retype e-mail address*:



Copia il codice nel riquadro a fianco
* I consent to the handling of my personal data (required in order to continue) (D.LGS. N.196/2003):
* All the areas marked with a red asterisk are obligatory
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